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The Year of the Fire Monkey


2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey, which, according to Chinese astrology experts, represents volatility, chaos and mischief.  Coincidentally, the characteristics of the Fire Monkey are synonymous with the major problems financial expert Dawn J. Bennett forecasts for the remainder of the year in the equity markets: volatility.

This year is set to be the most volatile year since 1938, and investors need to be well aware and prepared, Bennett says.

According to Bennett, “One thing to be particularly aware of is the so-called ‘blackout period’ that will be beginning soon. Companies tend to stop or sharply reduce buybacks during the first month following the end of a quarter, as earnings are tallied and reported. Especially in a market where nearly everyone else is selling due to macro fears and concerns about oil and China, this blackout period can have an amplified effect on volatility.”

She continued, “Liquidity is increasingly scarce, looming large as junk bond liquidation problems present the leading edge of a rapidly approaching wave, a harbinger of the bursting of the asset bubble that central banks have been artificially inflating since 2008 and 2009. It seems as if we are truly returning to the scene of the crime, but the damage that threatens will be far, far worse this time around.”

Not to mention, the Federal Reserve still has no clue what’s going on or what to do. The National Archives recently released the records of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that was created in 2009 to investigate the 2008 crisis. The records, which include meeting minutes, routine business and extensive interviews of key players, show that everyone was puzzled by what caused the crisis and how it could have been prevented. Today, the situation is no better, and if anything, it’s worse, Bennett says.

Bennett recommends Americans be ready for the Fire Monkey and the volatility and mischief that lies ahead. Diversify your wealth and think for yourselves, she advises.



Why the Federal Reserve’s September Announcement Doesn’t Matter

Will Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen finally announce a rate hike during her forthcoming September policy announcement? Yellen hinted just as much in June, when she stated the economy was expanding moderately. After years of stagnant interest rates as part of the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing policy, many have long-awaited an announcement of higher rates, a definitive signal that the economy is back on track. However, would the Fed’s rate hike really make a difference?

Financial experts like host of the “Financial Myth Busting with Dawn Bennett” radio show, Dawn J Bennett, don’t think so. While higher interests rates will of course have some economic impact, Bennett argues that the announcement won’t make a difference in regard to the larger issue at hand: a disillusioned Federal Reserve.

The Fed may suggest that the ground has been laid for interest hikes and a celebration of economic recovery, but there remain a host of other economic factors that are cause for just the opposite, such as troubling activity overseas.

Instability in China

China’s economy has been a rollercoaster ride of late, and given our country’s interdependence with this economic powerhouse, any unstable economic activity in China will undoubtedly impact the U.S. On August 11th, China unexpectedly devalued its currency in an attempt to increase inflation, which means U.S. goods imported into China have become far more expansive. Naturally, this will hinder U.S. sales. This major devaluation comes on the heels of a stock market free fall in China and the inexplicable insurgence of gold into the Chinese market that drove down global gold prices to unexpected lows. Yet, the Federal Reserve pays these concerning developments little attention.

There are other troubling economic indicators that the Federal Reserve rarely mentions, such as collapsing energy prices and a stock market that continues to show record-high gains, even as internal indicators of strength and volume show otherwise, which is clearly indicative of a speculative market.

Inaccurate Unemployment Rates

While the Federal Reserve primarily points to decreasing unemployment as primary evidence that the economy has recovered, even here, they’re disillusioned. The unemployment rate referenced, which currently sits at a respectable 5.3 percent, doesn’t account for long-term discouraged workers. These are the unemployed who’ve attempted to find work, but who have given up out of discouragement. As economist Paul Craig Roberts points out, when we account for this sector of the unemployed, the unemployment rate is actually 23%, a rate similar to that during The Great Depression.

With this type of blatant disregard of critical economic factors, do the Federal Reserve’s policy changes really matter? Dawn Bennett certainly doesn’t think so.

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