Gold and Silver – How Precious Are They?

A major statement was made 10/29/2014 by Alan Greenspan – he declared that gold was a good investment at the Council on Foreign Relations to Gillian Tett of the Financial Times.  This was quite a surprise coming from the man who started quantitative easing (the printing of paper money) which helped cause the financial disaster we find ourselves in today.  Here’s what Greenspan had to say of gold; “Look, remember what we’re looking at.  Gold is a currency.  It is still by all evidences the premier currency where no fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it.  And so that the issue is, if you’re looking at a question of turmoil, you will find, as we always have in the past, it moves into the gold price.”

Dawn J Bennett has been saying for a while now that precious metals were a sound investment and it seems Greenspan has finally had an epiphany and awoken from his stupor.  The value of investing in gold is why central banks are now putting fiat currency into gold assets.  Even though there are no dividends, no ROR (rate of return) and no interest.  In fact, holding gold incurs a cost because of storage and insurance.  The problem right now with the entire economic system is the belief that we are still operating under free market rules.  These provide the simple guideline that assets in the marketplace are valued based on the law of supply and demand.  Except the market isn’t fair and prices are not accurate reflections.

How is that possible?  Well in the last four years the spot price of gold which is supposed to represent the value society has placed on metal has become distorted.  For example, the COMEX exchange warehouses located in New York see roughly one fourth of all silver come through their warehouses there.  In recent years their warehouses have seen the amount of silver go from one million ounces per week to one million ounces per day.  Despite this massive increase in the amount of silver coming through and an increasing demand the price has continued to drop.  This means the pricing scheme and manipulation is working.

Fortunately, it appears though that the pricing of these metals are beginning to change; at the end of January 2014 we saw gold up roughly 8% in price, $1,183.90 to $1,278.50, and silver up 10.5% in price, $15.56 to $17.19.  This means that the price manipulation is beginning to end, and this is positive for investors.  They need to be aware that there have been policies which have been artificially manipulating the prices of gold and silver.

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